Yellowstone and the Tetons

In July of this year I decided to take a road trip to satiate my desire for the sublime, to think deeply about post graduation, and, surely, to photograph. I drove a kilo-mile (yea, new unit) for 15 hours and explored Yellowstone, Cooke City, The Tetons, and Jackson. The weather sucked by most standards, but for the not so timid photographer, there were incredible opportunities for dramatic landscapes. I approached photographing Yellowstone as a 2-day driving tour as the park is huge and there are vast basins, grazing wildlife, and stretching hills and valleys. Then, I spent 3 days in Teton National Park. In retrospect it may have made more sense to spend more time in Yellowstone because of relative size, but because both are large pieces of land, and that some photographers dedicate whole seasons or careers out of shooting just a particular part of one of these parks, I came to realize that it ain't no thang.